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When we started the business in 1984 (formerly Recom Engineering) we specialised in the full remanufacture of all types of remanufactured refrigeration and air conditioning compressors in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Over the past 30 years we have gained a great deal of knowledge and consider ourselves as experts in all makes and models across the reciprocating, rotary, scroll and screw style of machines.

We also have gained vital knowledge in setting up and running small to medium business on a national and international basis. Setting up a national operation and travelling extensively to investigate and secure new products from Asia and China.

During that time we have branched out into the supply of other specific refrigeration and air conditioning equipment that is now listed in our product guide. These products have been sourced from certified suppliers over a long term period of over 20 years.

We have also gained experience in sustainability and maintenance programs and believe both to be an approporiate and vital way to maintain a good business with the greatest return on investment.

Our profile also includes insurance assessing and trade liaison for both the insurance industry and local customers who require information and services on the type and serviceability of the equipment they have.

The Fujin name is wholly owned by Oliru Trading and was derived from the Japanese word for “God of Wind”. Originally used for a range of air conditioning splits, cassette and ducted units, it is now the brand name for a large range of products as you will see on the Oliru Trading products page.
Fujin has been around for 20 years and remains a well respected product name.